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Draggin Eyes Product
Draggin Eyes Refurbishment Program. Send in your older Draggin Eyes lures for Refurbishment which included replacement of eyeballs, skirts, rigging. 1 low shipping fee, regardless of how much you send us. 

Here's the terms: 1) If your rig was bitten off by one of our salespeople (Wahoo, King, Cuda, etc.) or the rig was mangled by one of our regional salespeople (Marlin, Large Tuna, etc.) these do not qualify for the refurbishment program. (example: Daisy Chain with chase bait missing) 2) If it's a rigged product, and you made the rig, only the lure qualifies. 

Here's what does qualify: a)Lure Head with worn or pitted finish b)missing eyeballs c)partially torn vinyl skirts d)knarled up hair skirts e)Rusted Hooks (if we supplied them) f)Florocarbon line that is now CHALKY (lost it's invisible feature) Check on the pulldown menu for what's in the program. 

There is a FLAT FEE for each. Put your order in and then SHIP/MAIL the product to PO BOX 8634, Jupiter, FL 33468.  Once we get them, we'll look it over and we'll keep what's still in good shape and replace what's not. ALLOW 3-4 weeks for turn-around on these. Doing this during YOUR off-season is a great idea to keep your tackle fresh.

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