Wahoo Slayer 2.5oz

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Draggin Eyes 2pc Chrome Low Profile Wahoo Slayer - At 2.5oz, this low profile head with Screw-in Hair Skirt is made to run in front of a select Ballyhoo on top or behind an inline #4 planer at up to 8 knots. Great in front of Select/Large sized Ballyhoo or strip bait. Put on your planer, downrigger or wire line rig. 

Or, check out our rigged version of the Wahoo Slayer located elsewhere in our store.  Uses our medium size replacement skirts.  We add a Mylar strip for more flash.  This is our most versatile lure in front of dead bait.   Excellent on top and great down deep.  Less drag than your "Islander" style bullet lures and interchangeable. 

Check out our captain designed Wahoo Slayer Chains that can be pulled on 50lb tackle with great success if you're targeting WAHOO.  These fit our LARGE size replacement skirts.